Saturday, April 15, 2006

Miss you mom

There is probably some thought provoking topic out there just waiting for me, but tomorrow is Easter Sunday and I'm thinking about my mom. She would have celebrated her 88th birthday in February. I wonder what she would think about the way things turned out for me and my family. 1993 seems like such a lifetime ago, so much has happened in 13 years. The kids are grown and Sarah will be married soon. I still feel the urge every now and again to share one of those inconsequential things with her that I know she would have gotten a kick out of. You know, that feeling that you have in that split second before you realize they aren't there anymore. Geez.

My mom would have liked John and so would my dad for that matter. They both would have been happy that we ended up in the house that they built... although maybe not so happy with our color choices. But then again I have some questions too. Like, what's up with the plumbing? And why isn't there a good wall to put a couch up against in the living room? And I know you never much liked using the fireplace, but boy we love it. There are an awful lot of stairs and the house does get bigger as I get older. Now I know what she meant about that. We cook the same mac and cheese in the same old GE oven that she used. We always eat dinner family style even when there is only two of us. That's the way I was raised. Thanks mom.

She would be pleased that we have found a family in the church she loved so much. It has changed quite a bit since she was there last... drums and guitars in the sactuary and all... but she was a tough bird and she would have stuck with it. I'm not quite sure what she would have thought about Crossan and Borg... although she would not have hesitated to tell me, or anyone else. I give Jane and Lee and Nancy hugs for you mom and for me too. And yes, the sewing group still meets.

Wonder what would she think of the war in Iraq? Undoubtably there would be some interesting political commentary were she here. She may not have agreed with my thoughts. She would not have been surprised by them either. These are trying times we are living in. But then she saw her share.

Better that the die-hard Cub fan missed the World Series. Enough said about that.

Well the world keeps turning. Tomorrow is another day, and another, and another... but tonight I'm thinking about my mom. All in all, I think she would be pleased.

Happy Easter, Mom.


Anonymous mjd said...

Touching tribute to your mom. Our paths must have crossed, but I am sorry that we never met formally. I know that she must have been a good person. As her daughter is a good and kind person, she would indeed pleased with you.

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Daddy D. said...

Moms are great. They have done so much for us all our lives. We think they know so many right answers because they do.

Moms have help develop their kids on so many levels.

9:50 PM  
Blogger willi said...

Thanks mom for instilling the family style dinner value. It keeps healthy and happy. Even though the color scheme may be wild we do try to keep up with things.

Nice thoughts about mom. I am sure that knows they are there. I mean, you think cable modem is fast!

3:42 PM  
Anonymous mjd said...

Well, being a decadent parent, I have not always served our meals family style. Although as the boys were growing up, we always ate as a family. However, frequently I prepared all of plates for each meal. Because of this practice, one of our sons thought that family style meant already prepared plates and was bewildered at the serving dishes at family style restaurants. But then again , the poor child exclaimed, "there is something wrong with this tomato," upon on seeing his first fresh ripe red garden tomato as his mom rarely used fresh tomatoes. Those few tomatoes were the pink hothouse variety.

8:59 PM  

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